Which version of Windows PlugAndPrint is compatible with ?

Windows XP, Windows 7 (version 32 and 64 bits), Windows 8 (version 32 and 64 bits).

Do i need a print server to use Plug & Print ?

No, this is the real interest of Plug & Print. It allow to install drivers and printers without print server. New printers and print servers have the capability to manage multiples jobs without blocking users.

Can we limit the proposed printers list to users ?

On a central site, we can limit the list by affecting authorisations to users group or Active Directory group. On multi-sites, we can limit the printer's list depending on VLAN.

Can we use Plug & Print with a print server ?

Yes, you will have to install printers "machine-by-machine", which permit to create printers configurations,

Can we pre-configure printers ?

Yes. Each printers can be configured with default settings such as color, black and white, two-side printing, cassette 1, cassette 2... Plug & Print allows to deploy as many printers as configurations. in order to print, the user can directly select the required configuration, without going through print's set up.

What are the supported ports ?


Can we locally install shared printers ?

Yes, you just need to register as print server address the name of the workstation which shares the printers.

Can we install tracers drivers , fax and scanner drivers ?

It's ok for tracers and fax drivers, these are considered as printers in Windows. For scanners, you need to use a remote distribution software.

Can we remotly distribute printers on the network ?

Plug & Print allows to create drivers and printers' MSI files. Theses files could be deploy thanks to remote didtribution softwares. SINETIS remote distribution' software leads to directly deploy printers and drivers without relying on .msi file. The software also permit to uninstall and update.