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Automatic deployment and customization of business softwaresoftware deployment

SysPackage provides for the configuration and customization of applications to be deployed (both local and remote deployment). It creates automatic installation scripts at a detailed level, relieving administrators of many time consuming tasks.

Output in Microsoft .msi format is fully supported. This module works with the SysInstall module.


During packages installation, SysPackage allows to :software deployment

  • Check the system environment before installing
  • Launch automated programs installation
  • Automatically switch in administrator mode on desktops not allowed to install programs.
  • Automate keystrokes dedicated to programs without automated command lines.
  • Access easily to the register database, files system and windows services


deployment console

SysConsole, console that permits software deployment.deployment console

  • SysConsole allows to deploy on your local network both software’s packages created with SysPackage and Printer systems configured with Plug & Print .
  • Operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits) and Windows 8 (32 / 64 bits) are supported
  • You can use SysConsole on a windows domain or on a workgroupWith SysConsole,
  • You can manage a referent base of local workstation, that lead to create customized selections
  • With SysPackage :

    - Packages installation can be performed in a closed session even if the application to install permits it.
    - Intallation can be performed in a time-delayed manner.
  • Administration module needs .net Framework 3.5
  • Remote distribution server needs .net Framework 3.5 and a 2008 server or more.