Remote control software

Evaluate SysRemote


SysRemote is the software dedicated to desktops remote control.
The module allows to use computers on the same local network in user's session.

remote control software

  • Automatic agent's installation for remote control.
  • SysRemote asks users permission to take control
  • SysRemote slides the sreen if the administrator get a lower resolution than the user
  • SysRemote enables a dialogue with the user and allow file tranfer
  • SysRemote enables the administrator to show his screen to the remote user


Benefits :

  • Remote control
  • Opportunity to block mouse and user's keyboards
  • File and directory transfers in both directions
  • Instant messenger
  • Select the workstation in Active Directory
  • Profil management
  • Administrative function (software installation, network, printer, register, services …)